Our Horses




Motto:  “I will take care of you.”

Age:  14 years old

Red Roan Pony Mare

  • Cherished for her kindness towards her riders.
  • Appreciated for not having any attitude!

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SashaSasha Head 4x6

Motto: ” I am here for you.”

Age:  8 years old

Fjord Mare

  • Adored for her expressive kind nature and her admiration for her riders.
  • Known for her love of Gummies and ability to sucker them from whoever might have some.

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MishaMIsha body 4x6

Motto:  “I go where I’m needed.”

Age:  9 years old

Fjord Mare

  • Priceless for her ability to carry any rider as she is trustworthy and tolerant.
  • Endearing for her love of food.

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Motto:  “The world bends to my will!”

Age:  21 years old

Chestnut POA (Pony of the Americas) Mare

  • Moony puts up with just about everything.  Nothing catches her off guard.
  • Treasured for her sensitive, responsive nature to her riders.

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Motto: “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.”

Age: 11 years old

Buckskin Welsh Pony/Quarter Horse Mare

  • Loved for her calm and gentle attitude.
  • Appreciated for her ability to carry all different kinds of riders.

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Motto: “I’ve been there and I’ve done that.”

Age: 17 years old

White Adorable Pony Mare

  • Loving and accepting no matter the challenge.
  • “I have a goofy tongue!”

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