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PoVa Possi Membership – Monthly Donations


Our students can accomplish amazing things on the horses, but they can’t do it alone!
PoVa Possi members are friends who are financially committed to supporting the program; with a simple monthly donation together, we can make a huge impact!

In order to keep our lesson fees affordable, PoVa relies on your donations to help with operating expenses. (Our services are all privately funded and not covered by medical insurance.)

Suggested minimum donation: $25.00.

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Questions – please contact Ingrid Mourey at or 858-231-7889.
Thank you for your support and generosity.
501(c)(3) non-profit tax id# 45-1592900

PoVa thanks everyone who is (and has been) a part of the PoVa Possi!

Stephanie and Greg Stearns

Tony Rubino

Karen Laing

Trevor Lang

Hillary Roloff

Linda Mullany

Debra Sterk

Ron and Ingrid Mourey

Jerry Green

Sherri Shefik

Mary Ann O’Brien

Gloria and Voltaire Garcia

Joan Ames

Theresa Modrick

Tess & Davide Golia

Christine Burrows

Cheryl Dawson

John and Shannon Fitzmaurice

Miriam Kaufman

Alexandria Gardner

Mirma Davis

Brian Miller

Lisa Woods