Why Ride?


On the surface therapeutic riding may look like fun and games (which it is), a regular riding lesson or a pony ride.  In addition to being a fabulous recreational activity, the physical, cognitive and emotional benefits are tremendous and far-reaching.

The measurable benefits gained with therapeutic riding are vast and extend far beyond the enjoyment of the riding lesson.  The life skills learned and physical and cognitive improvements experienced help with many aspects of our students’ lives.  For example, as the horses are walking, their stride requires the riders to constantly adjust, shift, and rebalance themselves.  Therefore, riding can lead to measurable physical changes including normalization of muscle tone, improved posture, and increased core strength.   Therapeutic riding also teaches motor and communication skills.  Commanding the horse to “go”, “whoa” or “walk-on” may be a child’s first words.  For the non-verbal rider, the physical action of pointing forward or pulling the reins is a powerful form of communication which elicits a response.

Therapeutic riding strengthens the bodies, minds, and spirits of individuals with disabilities.  Our lessons are designed to focus on our riders’ abilities rather than their limitations.  Whether the disability is acquired or congenital, most anyone (with doctor’s clearance) of any age (no matter if they are 2 or 82) can ride.


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