PoVa Prime-Equestrian Fun for Adults

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PoVa Prime
Our program designed specifically for adults.
Join at any time! 

This wonderful program is for adults looking to interact with horses and ride in a slow paced, relaxed setting.  Whether you are an experienced rider or it’s your first time in the saddle our program is tailored to your needs.  We work with individuals with physical, cognitive and/or emotional limitations.    We invite you to join the us.  Our lessons may include unmounted instruction where you will learn about all aspects of horse care and are able to groom and tack/untack your horse before and after lessons.

Mounted activities will be taught both in English & Western, based on your abilities.  No age limit!

For details and to register, please contact Ingrid at PoVaTRC@gmail.com or 858-231-7889.